GURU Gift Guide: Last Minute Things For Your Friends And Sh*t


The holidays can get kinda miserable sometimes. The main source of this misery (for guys, at least) is often gift-giving. To keep it really honest, we just can’t handle the responsibility sometimes. We simply don’t have time to rummage through department store boxes trying to find the perfect gift for each and everyone of our homies.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to bless our boys with dope gear whenever possible. We just don’t know¬†how to. Enter the GURU Gift Guides. These hard hitting guides are made to help you find exactly what you need and not waste a minute more. Enjoy.

1. Mitchell and Ness High 5 Beanie

It’s hard to go wrong when you have a pom pom on your head. If you’re not a fan of the Nets, don’t worry, M&N has nearly every team covered.


2. Nixon Time Teller Watch

Sometimes wearing gold everyday can get tired, but the casual feel to this watch makes¬†appropriate for everyday wear. Guaranteed your homies won’t be disappointed if they came up on one of these.


3. FLUD Nomad Duffle Bag

Featuring a rugged wool exterior and durable leather handles, this duffle from FLUD makes a great winter companion. Significantly smaller than most duffles, the Nomad makes a great weekend bag. The camo lining on the inside doesn’t hurt either.


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