5 Ultimate Gifts For City-Dwellers [GIFT GUIDE]


Living in the city isn’t easy. Whether it’s the five flights of stairs you need to trek up to get to your charming pre-war apartment that your broker couldn’t say enough nice things about, or the bus and two trains you need to take during your hour and a half commute to work, urban living feels like one curveball after another. You might not be able to change where you live, but this holiday season, you can definitely help make life in the big city a little bit easier for yourself or for a friend who deals with it.

1. Mustard Toxic Laundry Pop-Up Bin


Nobody likes going to the laundromat, which in turn means that laundry becomes a pretty easy thing to procrastinate. You can’t buy motivation, but you can buy a bigger (and sturdier) laundry bag.

2. Nixon Wire Mic In-Ear Headphone in Matte Red Pepper


One of the worst parts of living in a city is the noise. Whether you’re dealing with the repercussions of deciding to move above an Irish pub or just hang out in a noisy coffee shop, headphones that can actually cancel out the noise around you come in handy.

3. Chronicle Books The Complete Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating & Sex


New York is famously full of crazy people. Unfortunately, not all crazy is visible to the naked eye. If this handbook won’t help you prevent dating disasters, it sure as hell will help you clean up the mess.

4. DCI The Inflatable Wreath


Plantlife and “New York” are two things that seldom mix. When you don’t have a car to transport them in, Christmas trees, wreaths, and other botanical decor easily falls to the wayside. Who wants to lug that shit around? Treat your New Yorker friend, instead, to a much more manageable plastic wreath.

5. MKL Accessories The Eyn iPhone 5 Case


Metrocards get lost. While an iPhone wallet case poses some risks (e.g. if someone’s going for your phone, they’ll get your whole wallet along with it as a bonus), an iPhone card case is all pragmatism. You’re probably holding your phone on your way onto the train anyway. Now your card’s right there.

Lead image via humans of New York

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