Gift Guide: Find The Perfect Henley Shirt


Henley shirts are also commonly called “waffle shirts,” not because of the ultra-warm waffle texture of the fabric, but because they inexplicably make you crave waffles. Throw one on and not only will you be warm under your jacket, you’ll also have the sudden urge to eat an entire Costco-sized box of frozen Eggos. The extra carbs you gain make these joints an ideal piece for the wintertime, not to mention they can be easily layered and combined with your favorite outwear pieces.

These Henleys will make for great gifts, as long as you have plenty of waffles on hand on [INSERT HOLIDAY HERE] morning.

Check out the top men’s Henley shirts below.¬†

1. Vans Olin Henley 

A simple, color-blocked shirt that is perfect for layering. The navy and cream colorway makes it versatile enough to be worn with denim jackets, M-65s or damn near anything you can find in your closet. These go best with blueberry waffles.


2. Obey Center Line Henley

This one’s got a nautical inspired look, giving it a lil extra character. Pair it with some khakis and Chuck Taylors for a clean, cozy look. With these, you’re going to be hungry for some sort of Belgian handheld waffle.


3. Altamont Polka Dot Pocket Henley

We saw a pocket tee from Breezy Excursion a few weeks ago, and this time, Altamont flips the look onto a Henley. Featuring a button up neck and a fresh, paisley pocket, you won’t find too many of these on the street. A scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone will do it for this one.



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