Gift Guide: It’s Time For Some Crazy Socks!


If you’re still walking around wearing crusty white athletic socks all the time, you must be stopped. Anytime you decide to throw on a pair of boots, a formal shoe or even a fresh pair of sneakers, you gotta make sure your socks are ready to play too.

All over print socks, which became popularized by the famous HUF Plantlife joints earlier this year, are now nearly ubiquitous in streetwear, and can be spotted on your favorite rapper or athlete. In an attempt to find the perfect stocking stuffer for you and yours this holiday season, we bring you the Crazy Socks Gift Guide.

Check out the 5 Craziest Socks Karmaloop below. 

1. Happy Socks Paisley in Green


We’re all about that paisley life.

2. Magnum Socks Grape Camo Socks



Find something to match with these here.

3. Stance Socks Penny And Shaq Socks  


What could be more classic than these?

4. Magnum Socks Gold Bars Socks



Even if you aren’t balling, at least your socks are.

5. HUF Plantlife Socks 



Be about that life.

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