Girl Talk And Freeway Make An Unlikely Duo On “Broken Ankles” EP [Review]

Girl Talk and Freeway Broken Ankles

When we first heard of Philly rapper Freeway collaborating with Girl Talk on a new EP, we were skeptical at best. You mean, the same Girl Talk that makes it rain with toilet paper during his show? Working with Freeway, like What-We-Do-Freeway? We just couldn’t imagine it, but art is meant to expand your horizons, so we were down for the ride. 

When it dropped earlier this week, we quickly sped over to Datpiff and downloaded to our computer and cranked the volume as high as our iMac would allow us to. Instead of dropping a review within a few minutes (like everyone on Twitter and around the interwebz), we decided to let the music marinate for a few days before we gave you our thoughts. Y’all ready? Here we go:

1. Intro

Standard 30-second intro affair. Free is hilarious on this though, so it’s actually worth listening to.

2. Tolerated (ft. Waka Flocka Flame)

This song definitely takes some getting used to. The beat is a masterpiece by Girl Talk, but it’s unfamiliar for us to hear Free in this pocket. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, but more, we are still digesting it. The Waka Flocka feature is actually gold, though. This has to be the best thing from Waka in years. Seriously. If you haven’t heard this joint yet, press play to get the full experience.

3. Tell Me Yeah (ft. Young Chris)

Oh, HELL yes. Girl Talk channels a little vintage Rocafella-era Just Blaze with this beat, coupling a soulful vocal riff with some swinging percussion and Freeway goes OFF. This is a Free that we haven’t heard in years and it feels so good to be reunited. Definitely a banger. Now we’re curious to see where the rest of this goes.

4. I Can Hear Sweat

Freeway + B.I.G sample + Jadakiss (A-haa) = greatness. A grimey, synth heavy beat from GT, letting Free and Jada have their way with the beat. Both of them lock in and give us what they got the most of…bars. We’re loving the switch up here too, it’s almost like getting two songs in one.

5. Suicide 

This one could go either way. The beat doesn’t quite do it for us, but Free has bars for days on it. “Just like Nore, I’m on the run, eating/ better dart when I pull it, these bullets heat seeking.” Yerp.

6. Lived It

Ok, ok, go ahead and save the best for last. This is definitely the one for us. The production brings us back to a great era for hip hop, and Free seems the most comfortable in this pocket. The sample, drums and hook are all made for each other, creating a harmony that we definitely don’t hear in rap that often these days. *clicks repeat*

And there it is. If you are looking for departure from the monotonous (t)rap world, then give this EP a spin and listen to two artists who are great in their own realms come together to create something unexpected yet harmonious. We’re giving this 3.5 stars out of 5. We’re f*cking with it.

Download it here: Girl Talk & Free Way “Broken Ankles” via Datpiff

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