Girls, This Is How You Dress To Get Paid Part 1 [STYLE GUIDE]

“Professional” isn’t a euphemism for “boring,”  “lame,” “matronly,” or “expensive.” Here’s something a lot of people can’t seem to grasp: turning heads doesn’t mean dressing inappropriately. You can distract your coworkers with how good you look without anyone being able to accuse you of doing so… if you catch our drift.

Before you get your work wardrobe ready, ask yourself:  what kind of office environment am I working in? If it’s business casual, don’t feel obligated to dress like you aren’t. If you work somewhere that’s on the stricter side, respect the boundaries. If you’re not sure, check out what your superior’s wearing, and follow their lead. That’s right: dress for the job you want. Unless you’re restricted to a uniform or you’re looking to make the big jump from CPA to rapper, it probably won’t steer you in the wrong direction.


Always make sure you’re following the corporate guidelines on this one (chunky jewelry okay? Are you allowed to have your nails polished?) but accessories, as long as they don’t interfere with your actual job, are usually a go. For jobs that don’t allow you to have your cellphone out, we highly recommend a watch. We’ve all worked retail in past lives, and the one thing we’d always wonder was, “When is this damn shift over?”

This Pantone watch is hip, modern and if you’re getting sick of the white, you can always switch out the bands.

Earrings are another piece that won’t cause a stir. They’ll add a personal touch to your uniform while allowing you to wear something that really expresses your personality, without breaking any rules. Sme places place more guidelines on their employees than others, and breaking the dress code can lead to being sent home for the day. Stick with studs or smaller earrings—they’re fashionable without getting in your way.


You can have fun with what you’re wearing, even if you’re a teacher. Regardless of what subject or age-range you teach, there are a couple of golden rules for dressing for this job. You’re going to want to be practical and impenetrable to schoolyard bullies, so that means nothing too revealing, ladies.

Shoes are extremely important, so try a fashionable pair of sneakers or gladiator sandals (generally, people say to shy away from wearing harem pants without heels, but these definitely work with sneakers or sandals).

The harem pants are fashionable without showing off too much…and as for the shirt, you can’t go wrong with a basic black tee that also has a pop of personality. The pants and shirt already say a lot, so keep jewelry to a minimum on this one. Not to mention, you wouldn’t want it to get caught in someone’s art project.

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