Girls, This Is How You Dress To Get Paid Part 2 [Style Guide]

“Professional” isn’t a euphemism for “boring,”  “lame,” “matronly,” or “expensive.” Here’s something a lot of people can’t seem to grasp: turning heads doesn’t mean dressing inappropriately. You can distract your coworkers with how good you look without anyone being able to accuse you of doing so… if you catch our drift.

Before you get your work wardrobe ready, ask yourself:  what kind of office environment am I working in? If it’s business casual, don’t feel obligated to dress like you aren’t. If you work somewhere that’s on the stricter side, respect the boundaries. If you’re not sure, check out what your superior’s wearing, and follow their lead. That’s right: dress for the job you want.


Your office might be laid back, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage. Unfortunately, there are still some unspoken sartorial rules…or depending on wear you work, some spoken ones too. Feel free to take chances, but if you’re not sure, much like working in a uniform, it’s the jewelry that’s really going to make say something. Use color or statement pieces to make an impact. We recommended a crop top with this skirt—but keep in mind that might not work for all work places—be sure to double check before you take the leap.


Just because you’re an intern, doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress for the job (don’t end up a skintern).  If you’re unsure, stick with something conservative.

THAT BEING SAID: this is true for everyone, but especially true for interns, being too conservative can be damaging. For your first day, if you’re not sure what you’re working with, go for something refined, comfortable shoes (ballet flats work great) and dress it up with some jewelry. Or, you can go with this shirt and the collar does the work for you. It is IMPERATIVE to wear this shirt tucked in.

A Note On Shoes: Interns are usually on their feet a lot, especially fashion and editorial interns, so even though it might be tempting to wear a pair of heels, I cannot stress the importance of the ballet flats enough!

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