Girls, This Is How You Dress To Get Paid Part 3 [STYLE GUIDE]

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“Professional” isn’t a euphemism for “boring,”  “lame,” “matronly,” or “expensive.” Here’s something a lot of people can’t seem to grasp: turning heads doesn’t mean dressing inappropriately. You can distract your coworkers with how good you look without anyone being able to accuse you of doing so… if you catch our drift.

Before you get your work wardrobe ready, ask yourself:  what kind of office environment am I working in? If it’s business casual, don’t feel obligated to dress like you aren’t. If you work somewhere that’s on the stricter side, respect the boundaries. If you’re not sure, check out what your superior’s wearing, and follow their lead. That’s right: dress for the job you want. Unless you’re restricted to a uniform or you’re looking to make the big jump from CPA to rapper, it probably won’t steer you in the wrong direction.


The rules here are a little more flexible than you think, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in a suit. The big secret to working in a place where everyone has a stick up their ass (or is just really, really busy) is to take a cue from the fashion industry. You can get away with a lot more if you dress in all black. Black adds a level of elegance that other colors just don’t. In the business world, the monochromatic piece is your best friend. Plus, when you dress in all black, people get intimidated. There’s no better place to exert your authority than the work world.


We’re not sure there are any rules here. Most creative professions require a lot of scrambling to meet deadlines, running around (backwards) and trying to please your clients at whatever cost. If you’re going to be this, you might as well be comfortable. These Hello Kitty PJs and Panda slippers might be little more appropriate for your next “work from home” situation, but there’s a chance you can pull up to your studio with them on and no one will care. You’re an artist, girl. Wear what you want. You’re the luckiest one on this list!

If you missed our previous two Dress To Get Paid Style Guides, click: HERE

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