Gitoo Hits SXSW To Ask Who We Should Sacrifice To Get Aaliyah Back | Gitoo Show Ep. 5

In what might be the best episode of Gitoo Show to date, he hits SXSW with his usual way with words and turns it up to a whole different level. Honestly, Gitoo probably got more love on the street than 98.6% of the rappers out there this year. Just sayin’.

From asking who we should sacrifice to get Aaliyah back, doing his signature impressions (WTF were those, Gitoo?), finding girls that like black guys, the list does not stop. This shit is classic material.

Click play to watch Gitoo become a impromptu back up dancer, successful match maker and the coolest guy at SXSW all in one day. Damn, he’s good.


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