Gitoo’s Cheat Sheet To Getting Into New York Fashion Week Parties


Hey Guys! So its NYFW and the streets are buzzing! I know Fashion Week is supposed to be about the latest trends, and the models, and sitting next to Kanye West in the front row but honestly who cares ? The best part for me have always been the after parties! I’m a fan of Kanye, and I love me some models, but put that all in a room with a sick ass DJ and Open Bar and now we’re talking! Unfortunately, the bouncers aren’t usually as excited for my#turnup as much as I am, and the girl with the clipboard list always looks like her feet hurt and she hasn’t had a valentine for years! So, before you run into a problem at the door, here’s my quick cheat sheet on getting in!

1. Stay Confident:

This is the number one rule. No door girl or bouncer is going to believe you belong there if you don’t believe it yourself! Always maintain strong eye contact while talking to them, smile as if you don’t have a worry in the world, and feel free to throw in a four word maximum compliment..something not too heavy like: “Cute dress, boo”.


2. Be on your phone

I’m sure it looks really pretentious but if you think your getting into a NYFW after party you better start acting like your phone won’t quit, and the emails just keep coming and the texts won’t stop ! If you look busy and like a lot of people want to contact you, then you’re probably involved in fashion week somehow.


3. What’s Your Name?

What to say is really pretty simple. When they ask you what name is on the list say anythin ! You’re obviously not on the list, so this is where the charm comes in. You give a name that’s not there, when she says “sorry hun, you’re not on here,” you simply name drop like you never named dropped before. I’ve been known to say things like “call Drake up” or “Obama told me he always has this problem here.” True story.


By now the bouncer should be so fed up that your inside. But if he’s a hard nut to crack and none of my steps work find a beautiful girl/guy to accompany you. Nobody can deny somebody who’s good looking!


Don’t step out looking like that, girl! Get right with MissKL.


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