Go Inside A Reebok Factory To See How The Instapump Is Made

The Instapump is one of the most infamous sneakers in history, and why wouldn’t it be? With a revolutionary design that has never been properly┬áreplicated, these sneakers were (and continue to be) way ahead of their time. First introduced in the mid 1990s, these sneakers have stayed relevant in the culture for nearly two decades, with updated materials and colors being introduced along the way.

For the 20th anniversary of the sneaker, Sneaker Freaker and Reebok link up to bring us this in-depth look at the entire creation of the Instapump, from inception till the end. Featuring two of the original designers, this video is a dope watch for anyone who has ever wanted to see how your favorite sneakers get made.

Click play to watch the magic and click below if you need a pair in your life.


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