Go To War With The Winter In These Camo Jackets


If you didn’t get hit with a blizzard today, consider yourself very lucky (or in California). As most of us on the east coast struggle to dig ourselves and our cars out, we can’t help but feel a little angry at winter.

But, as we learned on Instagram this morning, why get bitter when you can get better? Instead of brooding about all the snow in our shoes, we decided to be better prepared for the next snowstorm.

We scanned through Karmaloop to find the meanest jackets that we can use to get back at winter the next time it decides to take a shit on us.

1. Elwood Animal Camo Jacket



Grey camo is always a good choice.

2. Crooks And Castles The Arms Co. Jacket



When was the last time Crooks did something wrong?

3. Volcom Chainsaw Flannel Jacket



Chainsaw, you say? Hmm..

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