Gorgeous Collages Describing The Scent Of JAY Z GOLD


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As he said in his song about blood diamonds, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” Indeed you are, Jay Z. Adding to a long list of endorsements, the rapper recently announced the release of his own fragrance GOLD JAY Z, which will hit national department stores on November 29th; Black Friday.

We don’t want to say how, but we got a hold of one of the medium-sized bottles of GOLD JAY Z this morning. After first scent, we ended up abandoning all our work and just sitting in a circle and passing the bottle around, each of us smelling it and then spending the rest of the rotation fiending for the next hit. Intoxicating.

It’s really difficult to describe what we feel when we smell this stuff. It’s really different for everyone. We decided to spend the remainder of the afternoon making collages of how JAY Z GOLD makes us feel. Each of us presented to the group about 15 minutes ago, and here are the three best ones.

Thai Tran, GURU Art Director


“It smells like an octopus chilling on a beach chair and wearing mad gold on his tentacles and just all over his body, and he’s giving the death stare to a great white shark with its eyes gouged out. And people in sailboats… mad people in sailboats…”

Sameer Naseem, GURU Social Media Director


“It smells like stacks and stacks of cash, but it’s all piled around a chimpanzee, because he is caking like a G. No, he’s making it rain… he’s making all these hundos rain all over a bitch… all over mad bitches, and he’s in a tree and throwing cash like ‘Wooaaahh’ and all these bitches are down under the tree and they’re like ‘Yeaaaah!’ You know?”

Phil Valles, GURU Stylist


“It smells like a caravan of camels carrying chest of gold across the Sahara desert. There’s so much gold. There’s just so much fucking gold everywhere. I private jet is flying by and just showering gold bars all over the sand. There’s no one there to pick it up, but the jet doesn’t give a fuck. The camels don’t give a fuck either. There’s just so, so much gold.”

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