When you leave the house in the morning, you probably aren’t thinking of adding a little wood to your outfit. Matter of fact, that just sounds weird. But for the cultured, wooden pieces have been a poppin’ facet of streetwear for a couple seasons now. Originally popularized by the brand Good Wood, wooden jewelry first started showing up in music videos around 2010, and though its calmed down since then, it’s still a great piece to have in the arsenal.

The key to incorporating the wood (no pause) in your daily ensemble is keeping it subtle and minimal. You shouldn’t be rolling up to the party looking like a damn tree. We snooped around, found the flyest wooden accessories we could, and put them together in one super-hard list for you right here. Check out which one of these fits your steez and step up your confidence. You’re wood to go… no pause.

1. Shwood Canby Sunglasses

These will literally turn heads. Embodying the classic wayfarer style, these glasses from Shwood feature a mixed grain zebrawood finish and tinted lenses. Each of these are hand crafted, so you’re guaranteed to get unmatched quality at a great price point.

Karmaloop_Shwood_Eyewear_sunglasses Karmaloop_Shwood_Eyewear_sunglasses_2

2. Domo Beads Pharaoh Chain

We did a spotlight on Domo Beads a few days ago for having exceptional styling and originality. This chain is a clean one-piece look that will go with almost any outfit.

Karmaloop_Domo_Beads Karmaloop_Domo_Beads_2

3. FLUD Watches Exchange Watch

We’re feeling everything about the design, from the small dial to the double buttons on the right side. Featuring an oversized face with a dark oak finish and an interchangeable black band, this watch is guaranteed to get the job done.

Karmaloop_flud_wooden_2 Karmaloop__flud_wooden

4. Monsieur Wood Ring

Subtlety is king. Even if you’re not too big on rings, this one might change your mind. Minimal and clean, this will add an edge to an otherwise regular outfit.

Karmaloop_Monsieur Karmaloop_Monsieur_2

5. Yamamoto Industries Brown Wood iPhone Case

The chances of you dropping your phone and cracking the screen are 130%. So since you have to get a case, might as well make it a wavy one.

Karmaloop_Wooden_iphone Karmaloop_Wooden_iphone_2

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