Grizzly Bear Releases The Same Album Again But With More Songs

It’s still kind of weird that Grizzly Bear is on Warp Records, seeing that their sad, spacy rock feel scarcely fits alongside the insanely cutting edge electronic music the label has always been known for. Nevertheless, Grizzly Bear is loved by many and they release albums on Warp, the most recent of which is Shields, which they released with less songs last year.

This new and updated version of their already released album is called Shields Expanded, pointedly “expanding” on their last album and yet able to “shield” themselves from criticism for dropping the same album twice. But it’s not really the same album. On this one there are a bunch of remixes of songs from the first Shields and also a bunch of songs that didn’t make it onto to first release. You’d think that the tracks that didn’t make it would be shittier songs, but in fact many of them are really good and probably should have been picked for Shields. But they were not. They are on Shields Expanded. Which record is better? Who knows. Only you know. And Grizzly Bear knows.

We definitely don’t know, which is why we did this remix:

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