Gucci Mane, Marketing Genius, Drops New Album Amidst Twitter Buzz


Say what you will about Gucci Mane’s music. Or his grammar. Or his mental state, for that matter. But the rapper’s social media skills are on point. For the past few days, his inflammatory, delightfully explicit remarks regarding getting intimate with Nicki Minaj (and a slew of other industry females) made the rounds on twitter, getting retweeted and favorited and covered by hundreds of blogs and followers.

Turns out, this was probably a calculated move on Gucci’s part–today, he mysteriously tweeted a sendspace link, which directs you to a free download of his new album ‘DIARY OF A TRAP GOD.’

On first listen, we aren’t blown away. It ain’t bad… it’s just standard Gucci shit. We’ve got a lot of respect for his marketing chops, though. Say some crazy shit to get your follower count up, release your project, PROFIT. We only wish we had thought of it first.

Despite all the fuckery, we’ve always loved Gucci and were the first ones to console him when he got out of jail. You think we’re lying? Check out LILINTERET’s interview with Guwop below: 

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