Gucci Mane Is WILDIN’ Out On Twitter Right Now


Gucci Mane is one of our favorite characters in the entertainment world. His twitter feed is practically our bible. We read it every morning and try our best to live our lives accordingly. Today, he wow’d us with some industry gossip that is sure to keep the hood whispering and pointing for the next couple weeks.

OK, starts out innocent enough. Makes sense, really. He’s probably talking about Waka Flocka and his mom (who used to manage him).

His beef with Jeezy has been going on for years. You would think by now he would have moved on but he obviously hasn’t.

OK, so this is a possibility, again going back to Waka’s mom. She also managed Nicki Minaj at one point, so who knows?

Oh my God, Gucci, please stop. No, keep going.

That’s it. I’m done.

Watch us interview Gucci back when he was fresh out of jail:

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