GURU Bootleg: Breaking Bad Theme Song As A Trap Banger


The greatest TV show in history is over. Forever. We no longer have anything to do Sunday evening, other than twiddle our fingers and fondly remember what once was. Hey, at least we’re all be crying together.

Sure, we’re going to miss the tension. We’re going to miss Walt, Jesse, and Hank (definitely not going to miss Skyler). But what we’ll miss the most is the little details. The beautifully-framed shots, the movie-quality sound effects, the subtle character development, and…

That theme song.

Last month, Andrew Huang put together a bad-ass remix of the song using only meth lab equipment:

Not to get too philosophical, but this really gets to why we remix–why we create–in the first place. When we’re inspired by something, we flip it as a way to pay homage. We chop and screw it as a way to make it last just a little bit longer. So, a few months from now, when this show only exists in our memories, listen to this remix and smile:

Stay tuned for another GURU bootleg, coming sooner than you thought was humanly possible!

Breaking Bad

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