GURU Bootleg: Black Dave and Bodega Bamz "Wadadadang" Mashed With KRS 1’s


We’ve been following Black Dave for a little while now, and he just keeps proving himself to be one of the dopest rappers out. The newest evidence is this collab with Bodega Bamz that borrows a hook from… well, we’re not actually sure where the phrase “Wadadadang” came from. We went pretty deep into the black hole that is Urban Dictionary, and it seems the originator is lost to the annals of history.

The phrase has definitely been around for a while. The earliest example we can think of is on KRS One’s “9mm Go Bang,” but there are lots more examples, from Do or Die back in the 90s to Snoop Lion just earlier this year. The cadence is always exactly the same” Wadadadang, wadadaDAdang.” Hearing this pattern, we couldn’t help but mash all the “Wadadadangs” we could find into a single track. Enjoy having the phrase stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

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