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Classic 90′s pop playlist by Gita of Mad Decent – Guru Playlist

In this series, we have our favorite musicians curate a YouTube Playlist of their favorite tracks/videos.

This week we have Gita, a crazy dope female emcee from Oakland, California who we did a skull-cracking video for last year (above). Known for combining trap-heavy elements with that classic Bay area bounce, Gita is definitely a name to watch for. Check out her videos below.

1. Madonna – Justify my Love

I love this video, because the spanish boy in it is killing me with the latex tight suit and long finger nails. It’s everything!:

2. Fiona Apple – Taste of Me

Fiona looks like a fighter fish with her blouse blowing like that. Plus the people in this video are hott. 90s:

3. Destiny’s Child – Bootylicious

Now, when this record came out I was 10, and I tell you, I’d sing this in class all day with my little girl friends. The colors were popping and I love anything that pops:

4. Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani - Can I Have it Like That

I’m a fan of both artists, and when they collaborated, their records were dope. The video had a sports car transforming into a robot and girls crawling on the bed with painted leopard spots (or maybe cheetah?). I need those leopard girls all day. Pharrell levitated too, that was special:

5. Lil Kim – Lady Marmalade 

OMFG. These bitches served it, and this video had Pink, Christina, Mya, and Kim all doing the damn thing. They all looked fabbed out. Girl Power had Missy E as an announcer, and it was so damn classy!:

6. Nelly - Country Grammar

Boy, I loved some Nelly: ‘Im from the hood and I’m proud.’ When he came out with this record, everybody I knew back home in the hood was jamming to this. Although, when I look back on it, the girl with the pink bandanna didn’t know what she was doing in the video lol:

7. Jennifer Lopez - Love Don’t Cost A Thing

“The last thing I need is another bracelet.” She opens with that line, and she then throws a Gucci bag out her whip lol. Then she strips from her car while walking to the beach so she can decompress from a lame. Bad bitch activity happening in this video:

8.  Snoop Dogg and Pharrell - Beautiful 

I could never tell you the real reason why I love this video, but some people who know me know why lol. It’s my fav!:

9. LL Cool J – Paradise

Body, waterfalls, jungles, LL = me going boy crazy. Thanks LL, paradise seems very nice:

10. Michael Jackson – Just Leave Me Alone

The digital effects in this video were so cool to me as kid. I look back on it now and it means so much more to me. RIP The King of Pop:

If you thought this was dope, check out last week’s GURU Playlist with: Homeboy Sandman.


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