#GUESSWUT: Karmaloop’s Crispy New Instagram Competition


#GUESSWUT is a new one-of-a-kind Instagram¬†competition created by GURU, powered by Karmaloop. Here’s how it works: we make an experimental Instagram video¬†featuring a product we carry. You guess what what the product is, find it on Karmaloop, and make your own Instavid of you adding the product to your cart. The first person to get it right wins a $100 gift code. Yes. It’s that easy.

Making the actual Instavids/Vines, on our end, isn’t as easy. But it sure is fun! Here’s a little step by step Vine series we made to show ya’ll how we made the #GUESSWUT introductory instagram video:

1. Get to the store

2. Get the paint

3. Run the competition, give away free shit!

If you wanna see more dope vines and possibly win free shit, be sure to follow @karmaloop on Vine and Instagram.

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