The GURU Squad Bombs Daedelus’ Boiler Room Set

Influential LA producer Daedelus was the first subject of our new series The Controllerist, and though we didn’t capture any behind-the-scenes documentation, this new Boiler Room set pretty much serves that purpose. Literally, the GURU crew is directly behind Daedelus throughout this entire 30-minute set. We spent most of the time sharing a celebratory Dominican cigar and congratulating each other on a show well done.

Just as he sequenced the visuals for Daedelus Controllerist episode, GURU managing editor Spills personally provided ample visual entertainment for this Boiler Room set as well, his wilding level syncing up exactly with the music. That’s him in the ill Bad Bunch NYC jersey. Here’s the progression

1:12 – Starting to get into it. Ample head-bobbing, but still reserved.

2:13 – Letting loose a little more. Our intern (little dude in the white T-shirt with a huge face on it) notices and begins following Spills lead.

5:40 – No matter how lost in the music he gets, Spills will never forget to shoot a Vine at apt moments.

7:35 – OK, now he’s starting to go buck. This is full on party Spills mode.

18:56 – Jump ahead, and party mode has turned erratic. Spills gets knocked into the crowd by our smallest intern. Magnificent.

Watch episode one of The Controllerist with Daedelus below.

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