Hackers vs. Monsters: Pictureplane’s Cyberpunk War Brought to Reality [Behind the Scenes]

Artist and long time Mishka collaborator Pictureplane has teamed up with KarmaloopTV to bring his dark, cyberpunk vision of the future alive in a new music video directed by Shomi Patwary.  It’s a world set not too far from now, where frightening oppressive government agents hunt out illegal technology that has the ability to grant it’s users true freedom.  Technobabe hackers fight an enemy born from an Alexander McQueen nightmare in what looks like a comic book universe brought to life- and the result is what the rave scene in the Matrix 2 should have looked like if they had a good stylist!




The Internet used to just be a tool for sharing creativity, but now we find it becoming a thematic inspiration for creativity.  This has long been apparent in the cyberpunk genre, but more and more we are seeing the Internet’s influence in fashion as well.  The logo overload on t-shirts reflect the bombardment of symbols we see on our screens, and photo-like sublimation printing almost turns the clothing into a screen itself.


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Pictureplane’s own clothing collaboration with Mishka, Alien Body, takes references from the internet, technology, and the semiotics of corporate iconography and matches it with a distinctly X-Files tinged vision.  He talks about his brand, his ideas of the future, and his strong DIY ethos of creativity in our behind the scenes video of his forthcoming music video.


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Aside from his unique insights, there’s also the chance to take a look at the ultra cool cyberpunk heroes and villains that occupy Pictureplane’s dystopian world of tomorrow.  With retro styles of the past dominating much of streetwear for many years, we think it’s time to start getting some inspiration from the future!




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