What Happens When You Play Every Song On Chris Brown’s New EP At The Same Time? [STACKED]


We at GURU are fans of chaos. Sometimes, chaotic music serves as a vehicle for the listener to escape reality. Other times, it needs be a mirror. Chris Brown’s music belongs firmly in the former category. You listen and imagine you’re him–in the club, bathing in alcohol, large denominations of bills, and women. Or you listen and imagine you’re one of the women.

His latest six-track EP, X-Files, is no different. Each song is a guaranteed stock club banger. The features include Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, and Kid Ink. It’s classic escape music, with both uptempo and slower songs backed by sparkly instrumentation and hard-hitting hip hop/dance drums. The cover art features Brown in a straight jacket in front of a large black “X.” It’s no secret that the singer has been swamped in controversy lately, most recently spending a night in jail for assault and two weeks in rehab dealing with anger management issues. Perhaps this music is just as much an escape mechanism for Breezy as it is for his fans.

We felt it would be appropriate to make his new project a little bit more chaotic. Naturally, the first thing we did was play every track at the same time. The result is more challenging than the original. Sure, there are moments of disorder. But they only make the sweet, in-sync parts even better. Check out our Chris Brown version of STACKED and be sure to follow GURU on Soundcloud for more aural experiments and amusements.

Don’t wear a straightjacket like Chris Brown. Wear a regular jacket like you. 


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