Chance The Rapper And James Blake Liberate The OG Version Of Save Yourself First And It Is Smooth


We loved the first Chance x James Blake track, so naturally we were hyped when Chance shared the OG version of the jam on twitter yesterday. It’s more relaxed than the version we first heard. Chance takes on a more laid-back flow and the aggressive lead synth is replaced with a mellow piano jam. There’s a lot of space in the mix, allowing Chance’s musings on life, time, and being genuine to command the track. There are some touches of vocoder and James Blake vocal spasms in the background, giving the song an eerie vibe.

Save a Justin Bieber feature and these few tracks with James Blake, Chance has been laying low since everyone fell in love with Acid Rap last summer. We assume he’s working on a follow-up, maybe with James Blake. The two recently became housemates, so we’re expecting more collabs in the future.

Listen and space out:

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