What The Hell Is A Coin Pouch? [STYLE GUIDE]

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We know you’ve seen them around. Dangling off the belt loop of rappers and entertainers alike, coin pouches are ubiquitous in streetwear and fashion. But, what are they exactly good for?

Since most rappers chose to wear the $200+ Louis Vuitton coin¬†purse version, you’ve probably written them off as a feminine, useless accessories that is worn just to look “cool.” In reality, coin pouches can be a pretty helpful thing to have on you, especially if you are always on the move. In addition to coins, you can also use them to stash anything from business cards, keys, or a freshly rolled jay. Instead of losing that receipt you really needed to save, you can just throw in there, zip it up and have it when you need it. These bad boys have bailed us out more times than we can count.

Here are the 5 freshest coin pouches on Karmaloop right now:

1. FAZE Coin Pouch in Tan and Tiger Camo

This is a simple, two-toned joint from Faze Apparel. Definitely meant for the less flashy, more functional types. If that sounds like you, then click below.

2. Diamond Supply – The Elephant Coin Pouch

If the pouch above was for the less flashy, then this is the direct opposite. Diamond Supply comes through with the alligator leather inspired pouch that shines brighter than Ye’s jesus piece. Hang this off your belt loop and maximize the wavy factor.

3. Obey – Desert Blotch Camo Pouch

One look at this and you are already smitten. Obey’s unique desert blotch camo gives this pouch a whole different look than anything else in this guide. The print will have this standing out when contrasting with your denim or khaki choices for the fall.

4. FLUD Watches – Dark Melton Coin Pouch

FLUD brings us a dope, sophisticated looking pouch in a wool grey tone. You could even think about clipping this onto a briefcase or duffel bag for travel/work situations.

5. Entree РBear Coin Pouch 

This is clean, all over print pouch is definitely popping off it’s uniqueness alone. Who else has teddy bears all over!? Enough said.

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    November 19, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    My grams used to always rock a coin purse.

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