High Rollers Pt. 3: The Five $100+ Items On Karmaloop That You Actually Need [STYLE GUIDE]


In High Rollers Part 2 , we agreed that if you’re having bad day, the best way to change it is by treating yourself. Considering it’s barely cracking 20 degrees in New York City right now, you can assume we’re pretty miserable, freezing our balls off. However, the insane sale that Karmaloop is having this month ($100 off?!), is raising our lowly spirits with the hopes that we can find some wavy gear for the low-low.

We searched for the crispiest, most luxurious items on the whole site and are giving you the chance to make it rain on ’em before we do. Don’t sleep.

Check out our Five $100+ Items That You Actually Need.

1. Bellfield Androy Jacket

Bellfield has been on point with everything they have released this year, but this jacket just might take the cake. Rugged nylon shell on the outside and enough lining to keep a shaved polar bear warm.



2. 10 Deep Hi Post Cargo Pants

For those of us who are tired of the same old camo patterns, we have finally found an answer. 10 Deep brings the funk with these wavy, tan floral pants which can be worn in any season and with any kicks, though as you can see below, they are clearly built for Clarks.



3. Adidas Pro Conference Hi

All gold everything. You can rarely go wrong when you’re wearing Adidas, but these joints are on another level. The all gold exterior sets them apart from anything else you’ll see on the street.



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