High Rollers Pt. 4: The Five $100+ Items On Karmaloop That You Actually Need [STYLE GUIDE]


With summer right around the corner (finally!), it’s safe to say that your wardrobe needs to be ultra poppin’ for the next few months. Whether you’re at the beach or at the bar, you will probably be trying to get your mack on and there is no excuse for being poorly dressed when trying to doing that.

Considering you have been hibernating all winter in your sweatpants and heavy jackets, you should feel good about being able to spend a couple dollars to reviving your gear right now. We rounded up a few of the premium items on Karmaloop and figured we’d let you take a crack at it. Scroll through and check out some luxurious streetwear courtesy of Zanerobe, New Balance, FLUD Watches, Obey and 10 Deep and make it rain.

1. Zanerobe The Sureshot Chino in Copper Camo


Ain’t nothing hotter than Zanerobe joggers right now. Don’t believe us? Ask Diplo!

2. 10 Deep The Stars Hoody in Navy


Live the star life.

3. Obey The Varsity Rival Jacket in Black


“Why do I need a varsity jacket in the summer?” Wait, when do you not need a varsity jacket?

4. New Balance Barbershop Pack 580 Sneaker in Red


We highlighted these a few weeks ago. Might be one of our favorite sneakers out right now, period.

5. Flud Watches The Order Watch With Interchangeable Bands in Gold


At some point, you’re gonna have to get a big boy watch, so why not make it now? This icy joint from FLUD features 3 interchangeable bands, allowing you to switch it up as appropriate. First you swag, then you surf.

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