We Hit SXSW 2014 For The Hottest Style Trends This Year! Vol. Denim

Heading into SXSW this year, we really didn’t know what to expect. But, as the reports suggest, it’s pretty much just a continuous seven day party, consisting of free booze, girls, shows, more girls, and general pandemonium. And considering it all happens in Austin, you can assume there are weird characters in attendance for it.

The KarmaloopTV and KLX teams spent a week down there this year, capturing some of the craziest parties from Peligrosa, chilling with our peoples Lupe FiascoASAP FergDanny Brown, and running into some of the best dressed people we’ve seen in a minute.

One of the main trends we couldn’t ignore was denim. Now denim is far from a new thing in streetwear, but we definitely saw shifts in the washes, colors and the way people chose to floss it. A perfect companion for any in-between weather situation, denim jackets can be used to layer up without feeling overdressed or under prepared. The thing, we saw a lot more than just denim jackets.

We all know the number of music festivals and shows get turned up as the weather gets warmer, so don’t be out at Coachella, Central Park Summerstage or the next SXSW looking outta place..get your denim on!

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