Holiday Picks: Get Your Shine On [Style Guide]


Holiday season is right around the corner and you know what that means: winter break and annoying family get-togethers. It doesn’t matter if you are with your old homies or your corny cousins–you better be shining. We’re talking about Birdman levels of shine. There’s nothing like the feeling of coming back for the holidays in some brand new gear that nobody else has on. Since you know everyone else is probably hitting Macy’s or Old Navy for their winter gear, you’re already ahead of the game.

Considering it is impossible to shine without stars, we figured we would take care of that part for you. We compiled some of our favorite staff picks from across Karmaloop just for you to get your shine on. Don’t let us down!

1. Elwood Stars and Stripes Tee

A Givenchy-inspired design, without the Givenchy-inspired price. Black and gold is always a winning colorway, and the possibilities here are endless. You can layer it under a grey hoodie for a night at your homie’s crib, or throw it under a black leather jacket for a night at the bar, all without looking out of place.


2. IMKING Stargazer Crewneck 



Trying to make a statement? Look no further. IMKING hits the streets with this eye popping, solar system-inspired crewneck. No, we couldn’t name a single star or planet on that thing, but we could tell you about what kind of girls you could pull with it on. Just sayin’.

3. NEFF The Daily Wild Watch 


Doing what they do best, NEFF brings us stylish, versatile watch for an incredible price. Featuring an all-over print band and a clean, readable face, this should be your go to everyday watch. Shine on, player.

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