Hot Sugar’s New Music Video “Mama I’m a Man” Proves He Really Doesn’t Give A F#&%

Hot Sugar’s eccentricity is surpassed only by his talent. Before the NYC producer was signed to Ninjatune, he was a tumblr sensation known for his 8-bit aesthetic, GIF-heavy visuals, random pranks (like blasting loud porn on a full airplane), and a technique he calls “associative music,” which involves him recording the weirdest sounds he can find and magically manipulating them into beautiful music. It’s kinda insane.

His new music video for “Mama im a Man” features Antwon, Lakutis and Big Baby Gandhi riding up and down escalators while rapping and acting weird. And that’s it. It’s almost absurd in it’s simplicity, but that’s what makes the video compelling. Previous Hot Sugar music videos have had relatively high production quality. He obviously isn’t afraid to dedicate resources towards making art. This video is just proof that he’s also still willing to goof around and make some zero-budget shit just for the sake of having fun. And it works! It definitely doesn’t hurt that the song itself KNOCKS. The beat is wild and all three emcees have their own, unique swag, and fearlessly let it show. Peep the video above and cop his latest EP, Made Man, here.

Straight from Lakutis’ mouth “It say Danner on the boot!” Get a pair of them here!Karmaloop_Guru_Danner

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