BREAKING: Mike Huckabee Opens Heart, Lets Based God In


On his Fox News show, Mike Huckabee declared that he has “repented his sins and found salvation through the Lord, our Savior, Lil’ B.”

Quoting the Bible, Huckabee said, “I have been born again… through the living and enduring word of The Based God.”

He described how the rapper came to him in a dream, wherein they discussed the ever-growing threats to liberty that our nation faces.

“We’ve been separated from God and it’s hardened our hearts,” Huckabee explained. “I can only hope that others can be born again and experience the love of Lil’ B like I have.”

He ended on an ominous note. “If we fail to protect ourselves from the secularist, progressive homosexual agenda… We’re going to risk serious consequences… Thank you Based God. I hope we can heed your warning.”


Above: A GIF made collaboratively by nine of Mike Huckabees interns

When asked for a comment, the Based God simply posted a Facebook status that said, “Love u Huckababy,” and a photo of the two crudely edited in Microsoft Paint.

Maybe Huckabee will go the way of Michelle Obama and he and Lil’ B will collaborate on a track. One can only hope.

In case you didn’t know, Lil’ B actually named himself “Based God” in an interview with Karmaloop TV. We’re totally serious, check out the video below. 

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