HUF Brings Out Josh Matthews To Show You How Dope Their New Kicks Really Are

HUF is getting busy with the sneakers, y’all. As we showcased in last week’s post with their new Blossom Pack, HUF kicks provide a solid balance between skate and style and are slowly creeping up on everyone’s “I need those for the summer” list.

Though it’s only 20 seconds, this little clip featuring pro skater Josh Matthews shows us exactly what the new spring line of HUF sneakers is built for, and let’s just saying these shoes ain’t nothing to f*ck with. As we know, skaters don’t just approve anything that comes their way, so it’s safe to say it might be worth picking a pair or two of these up for your summer ahead.

Click below and see the mindblowing selection of HUF sneakers on Karmaloop.



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