HUF Brings Something New With Their Upcoming Spring Collection


HUF has been a little quiet recently, but that just changed with the drop of their upcoming spring collection. Recruiting some of the most popular skaters in NYC, HUF gives us a glimpse of their new jerseys, caps, sneakers and even a…white oxford buttondown. Very rare.

Presenting a good balance of skategear and contemporary wear, this might be one of the most well rounded collections we’ve seen from HUF. Made to appeal to skaters for their time both on and off the board, it’s nice to see the versatility this time around.

Click below to shop all your favorite looks from HUF, including their signature Plantlife socks and the new Wu-Tang collection.Karmaloop_Guru_Shop_BrandKarmaloop-Guru-Huf-Spring-2014-2

Karmaloop-Guru-Huf-Spring-2014-1Karmaloop-Guru-Huf-Spring-2014-3 Karmaloop-Guru-Huf-Spring-2014-4

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