HUF Collaborates with Punk Group Blondie For Their 40th Anniversary With A Krispy Collection

blondie-x-huf-2014-fall-collection-1HUF joins forces with legendary punk group Blondie for their 40th anniversary by putting out a capsule collection which captures the hand’s essence, and that era, all too well.

Featuring their signature black and white photos on everything from button ups to tote bags, HUF keeps it simple and pays homage in a classy way. Brand collaborations often get forced when each party is trying to over assert their dominance, but the Cali streetwear brand lets Blondie keep the shine by playing the background on this one. Though Blondie’s music might be out of the range for some of y’all, if you’ve ever picked up a skateboard then you are witness to the energy that the ’80s punk and skate scene had on the entire world.

Click below to shop through the huge HUF collection on Karmaloop today.



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