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HUF Gets Very Floral With Their Summertime Kicks From The Blossom Pack


Aptly titled the Blossom Pack, HUF’s latest sneaker drop is just made for the summertime. Featuring cozy floral prints on black and cream bodied kicks, it’s absolutely impossible for people not to see which season you prefer when you floss these.

With 420 right around the corner and HUF socks being on nearly everybody’s list, it might make sense to add some HUF kicks to the mix. You might not be the biggest skateboard enthusiast in the world, but HUF products let the world know that you’re down chill, love joints, and don’t take things too¬†seriously. All admirable qualities if you as us.

Scroll through the product shots and then click below to look through all the HUF kicks on Karmaloop to find the one.



huf-blossm-pack-05-570x364 huf-blossm-pack-06-570x364

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