HUF Looks Ahead With Their Summer 2014 Footwear Collection



Regardless of how much snow you had to clean this morning, it’s time to accept that your favorite streetwear brands are going to release their Spring/Summer Collections starting about…now. Yesterday, we saw Obey drop their wavy warm weather flavors, and today it’s HUF hitting us with their footwear line up for the 2014.

To be honest, HUF shoes have come a long way since they were introduced a few seasons ago and this collection might be their best yet. Featuring mostly low and mid top skate shoes, these carry more personality than your the shoes you have on right now. The best part is, since HUF is an actual skateboarding brand, you know you are going to get the maximum unctionality with these, allowing you to not worry and just ride. Add all that to the fact that these won’t retail above $60, and you have yourself a win-win-win situation. Word to Michael Scott.

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