HUF Urges You To Pick Your Vice This Summer With Their New (Hilarious) Video Lookbook

What what you do if you won the lottery? Chances are you would cash out and spend a large chunk of your winnings on your main vice, whatever that is. Whether it’s cars, weed, women, clothes, it’s safe to say you would be loaded up on them after those millions hit your pocket.

HUF takes us inside the mind of a streetwear fan and how life would be for him if he were to win it all. Focused on the new colors of their Plant Life socks, this clip gives us a good look at the next generation of the line and what we can expect to lace up with for the summer.

Click play to watch a sock fiend’s dreams come true and enjoy the Adam Sandler movie reference. Do you have your HUF socks on ice for the summer?


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