Ice Cube Tells Us About The New NWA Movie On The Breakfast Club At Karmaloop Studios

One the most successful entertainers of our generation, Ice Cube, swung through the Breakfast Club at the Karmaloop Studios to update us on all things fresh for the new year. Promoting his new movie, Ride Along, Cube breaks down the how a man who once claimed “fuck the police” can play the the role of a cop in 2014.

Charlemagne starts things off by asking how Cube has passed the test of time, constantly keeping himself relevant after years in the entertainment industry. Cube drops a few gems about how doing what you actually want to do is always the key to surviving. The part that had us hooked is when he explains how the new NWA movie came together, and who are the producers on the flick (hint: Dr. Dre is back, baby). Cube discusses how important passion is in the business, regardless of the politics and bullshit. He goes onto pull the curtain back on some shady movie industry dealings and why the next movie in the Friday sequel is in “development hell.”

Rock a fresh flannel like Cube in ’91. 


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