If You Speed MIA’s "Come Walk With Me," It’s A Japanese Girl Pop Song


Although the new single off of MIA‘s upcoming album Matangi doesn’t take long to break into the vaguely ethnic tribal patterns she’s become known for co-opting from third world countries, it starts off with something far more poppy and innocent.

Slowed down, it’s hard to tell exactly what this sing-songy riff reminds you of, but pumping up the BPMs reveals what you suspected all along–this is either a Japanese girl-pop song, or it’s the theme song from a show akin to Josie and the Pussycats. When it hits that little rap part–“Can I be your best friend, can I make it til the end,” you get the sense that her ghostwriter must have actually copied the lyrics straight out of a Care Bears song and hoped no one would notice.

We had to take this one all the way to its roots, so here’s the girl pop version of MIA’s “Come Walk With Me.”

You will not believe how different MIA looked just five years ago. Check out this interview we did with her in ’08.


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