Instant Vintage: Throwback footage of Kanye West On His First Tour

Shot on what looks like a Sony Handycam, there is some straight gold in here. Catching Kanye and his whole crew, including John Legend, GLC, Ibn Jasper and more, this video captures the lighter moments from Ye’s first College Dropout tour back in 2006. Ah, how the time flies.

Nowadays, going to a Kanye show means at least one rant and heavy pyrotechnics, but back then, it was polo shirts, backpacks and soul beats. Click play and check out all the shenanigans, from their first private jet flight, to Ye “designing” some sneakers with a sharpie.

Betcha you didn’t know we kicked it with Kanye and The Clipse on the set of Kinda Like A Big Deal?

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