Our Invincible CEO, Greg Selkoe, Shares Wise Words Of Wisdom On The Breakfast Club

The greatest Breakfast Club interview ever? We think so. Our venerable leader/Karmaloop CEO¬†Greg Selkoe¬†stopped by the morning show to share some epic stories about his hustle and journey to being a millionaire. If you aren’t inspired after watching this interview, you should probably see a doctor, because there’s a chance you may be an alien.

With Angela Yee fawning over him, Big G.Selkoe tells us about the humble beginnings of Karmaloop and how they originally came up with the company name in his mom’s basement. Despite doing over $200 million dollars in revenue per year now, Greg recalls the story of his former business partner bailing on him and how much he sold his share of Karmaloop for. The highlight of the interview is the story of how Selkoe had to borrow $10K from a Boston hot dog vendor to pay his employees during leaner times. Yeah, that really happened. Watch the video to get more gems from Greg and inappropriate interruptions from Charlemagne.

If you need more inspiration, check out Greg’s interview with Boston-based news station NECN:

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