Are Jay Z, Kanye And Daft Punk Trolling Us With Their New Collaboration?

We all know how many fake Daft Punk exist on the interwebs. If you haven’t got Rick Roll’d at least once by a fugazi Daft Punk joint, then you aren’t living adventurous enough.

Today marks either an epic day or an epic troll in history. Supposedly left off their 2013, Random Access Memories, “Computerized” features Jay Z and some people are even reporting that it’s produced by nobody other than Yeezus. Damn, that’s epic. Hov does his usua l thing, but the interesting part is how he weaves double entendres about iPhones and Blackberries. Considering he signed a multi-million dollar contract with Samsung last summer, we’d have assume this verse is pretty old. Or is it? The mystery is killing us!

Click play and leave your thoughts in the comments — is this real or nah?

Have you still not got your DIPSET USA gear yet?


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