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Jeff Koons Sold A Balloon Animal For $58.4 Million–Watch Him Break It Down For Pharrell

Reserve Channel is quite possibly the best youtube channel out there. It appeals to creative geeks like us as well as normal folk, with well-edited, inspiring, highly-informative interviews featuring some of the most extraordinary people alive. Some of our favorites include the Henry Rollins x Pharrell ARTST TLK, the Norman Reedus & Al Wertheimer interview about photography, and the Peter Sarsgaard “Be Well” interview.

In the latest episode of ARTST TLK, Pharrell sits down with Jeff Koons, one of the most successful, innovative and controversial visual artists in the game. He is mainly known for taking normal objects and recontextualizing them as art. About a week ago, he sold a sculpture of a giant balloon dog for $58.4 million. Fifty eight million dollars. Obviously, there are a lot of critics out there who dismiss his work as crass or “based on cynical self-merchandising,” but watch this interview and you’ll see that there’s more to his work than meets the eye. Pharrell coaxes out a lot of interesting information from Koons, from his influences and childhood to more advanced, artistic concepts.

You might not be Jeff Koons, but it’s always good to know something about art. Learn the right way from Random House and Reebok




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