Jeff Staple Asks B.O.B About Selling Snacks And The Night That Changed His Life

Believe it or not, before the big stages, B.O.B used to sell Rice Krispy Treats. Or at least that’s what he revealed when we sat down with Jeff Staple in the latest session of Staple’s 1-2-1 interview series. Starting off by talking about how he was making more money than his dad who had a regular job by selling snacks on the street, B.O.B gives us a rare glimpse into his hustler’s spirit.

He then goes onto the describe the night his whole life changed, at a small open mic performance night in ATL and how he used that to catapult his whole career. Whether you’re a fan of music or not, this is an inspiring little clip for all the dreamers out there. Click play and get it started.Karmaloop_Guru_Shop_Brandbobstaple


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