[NEW MUSIC] Jerome LOL Mashes House, Funk, Soul, Jazz & Pop In One Delightful Song


The pop music world loves the band wagon. In 2011, Diplo got weird with “Pon de Floor” and for the next year, all you’d hear in EDM was pitched and chopped-up bouncy vocal synths. Skrillex dominated the 2012 grammy awards, and suddenly every club “banger” featured a blaring WUBWUBWUB baseline desperately trying to rattle your eardrums. Let’s be honest: 90% of both major and underground hip hop tracks this year were over the same trap beats, made with the same 808 drum kit.

Labels actively discourage artists from taking risks–they’re hell-bent on maintaining profit margins, so they insist on shoving formulaic, uninspired drivel down our throats. Luckily, there are still musicians out there willing to do something different:

Jerome LOL is an LA producer who first got our attention as part of the LOL Boys, a house/pop/hip hop group with a playful, tongue-in-cheek, party-music vibe. After dropping their EP Changes, the band split up–Jerome dropped a few remixes and singles since then, but has remained relatively quiet. Today, he released the single and track list from his upcoming solo EP Deleted/Fool, to be released by Friends of Friends.

The EP is slated for release on February 4th, 2014, and if this track is any indication, it’s going to be sublimely refreshing. “Always” features a house-y feel with it’s four-on-the-floor drums, but the instrumentation is straight 1970’s jazz/swing. The soulful vocals by Sara Z are catchy and repetitive, but are still imaginative and fresh.

Check out Jerome LOL’s SoundCloud page for more genre-mashing magic, and be sure to follow us on SoundCloud while you’re at it!

Deleted/Fool Track List:

1. “Deleted” ft. Sara Z

2. “Always” ft. Sara Z

3. “Fool” ft. Angelina Lucero

4. “True” ft. Angelina Lucero

Get your LOL on.


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