Jetsetter: The Flyest Travel Accessories For The Fall [STYLE GUIDE]


Whether it be Spring Break, a friend’s wedding, or just a long weekend, everyone is always always looking for an excuse to pack their bags and GTFO. However, traveling is rarely a painless experience. Flight delays, lost luggage and cranky babies can all make for a hellish time on the road. There are only so many games of Temple Run and Candy Crush you can play before it starts getting to you.

Being well-traveled GURUs ourselves, we combed through Karmaloop to find some essential items to make your next trip a little easier. When traveling, whatever you do, make sure you look good doing it. So the next time you’re stuck in seat 34B–surrounded by a bunch of snotty five year olds–at least you’re stuck in style. Here are our flyest travel accessories for the fall:

1. Wilouby – The Flask With Cigarette Case

Hopefully we don’t have to explain how this could make your next trip exponentially easier. Swing through an overpriced club on South Beach with this in your jacket or use it to kill some time at the airport lounge. Whatever you do, make sure this is empty before you hop on your flight–otherwise you may be in line for an intimate date with the TSA.


2. Obey – Coin Pouch in Desert Camo

There’s nothing worse than sounding like a homeless janitor due to the various coins, keys and unnecessary crap that accumulates over the course of a trip. Obey solves this problem with this clean, distinctive, desert camo coin pouch, which will make sure you don’t sound or look even remotely like a janitor next time you hit the beach.


3. Zero Gravity – Par Avion Laptop Sleeve

There’s no better way to let people know you get around than some postage stamps on your laptop case. Check out more dope media cases from Zero Gravity here.


4. Urbanears – Quilted Plattan Headphones

When it comes to traveling, headphones are almost as essential as underwear. Sure, you could get some Beats By Dre or SkullCandy joints (both of which are dope), but why not stand out a little? Better yet, these Urbanears have the ability to fold down, making them a no brainer for your next excursion.



5. 108 Limited – Safety Shades

We’re not going to recommend you cop some high-priced shades when we both know there’s an strong chance you will either: a) sit on them, b) leave them on the beach, or c) never get them back from that girl at the bar. These classic-inspired shades from 108 Limited get the job done at a price you can’t argue with.


6. 10 Deep – Weed Duffle Bag

This duffle bag from 10 Deep makes quite the statement. Featuring a uniqueenvironment-friendly print, this bag will turn heads at every point of your trip. Note: Do not use this bag when traveling back from Jamaica, Colombia or Mexico, unless you love TSA cavity searches.


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