Get Icy For The Holidays [STYLE GUIDE]


Life is too short not to be icy. And if there is ever a time to be icy, it has to be when you are young. Wearing jewelry as a male shows a certain level of comfort and individuality that can’t be recreated. The key to pulling it off lies in subtlety. If you are out here in a 32″ cuban chain you bought from a kiosk at your mall, you are doing it wrong. Despite what your favorite rapper is wearing on TV, jewelry looks best when it is smaller and highly detailed.

Are you ready to be colder than winter? Check out our selects, find the one that best fits your style and get icy for the holidays.

1. King Ice Gold Buddha Beaded Bracelet 

One of the best selling bracelets on Karmaloop and it’s easy to see why. Featuring a highly detailed buddha theme, all gold everything and a removable King Ice charm, throwing this on your wrist is sure to get you a little extra attention.


2. DOPE Logo Deck Chain Necklace  

How dope (no pun intended) is this? Imagine throwing this on after a day of skating before kicking it with some above average females. It’s almost like that was too easy. Also, just remember that gold looks best on black, so throw on this crewneck and be ready for whatever comes your way.


3. Obey Dynasty Ring 

This one is for anyone who isn’t quite rocking comfortable something on their neck, but still wants want to shine. A brass toned ring, with superior detailing puts this right in line with what we would except from Obey. A super neat addition to any wardrobe, whether you wear a lot of jewelry or not.





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