Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci “Fresh” ft. Sanjin [ORIGINAL VIDEO PREMIER] [BIG TUNE] #SNOWTWERK

[emuze]Major Lazer[/emuze]‘s Jillionaire and Salvatore Ganacci have a big banger on their hands with “Fresh,” ft. Sanjin.  This one’s already big at the festivals this year, and maybe it’s that one song that drove you wild and you’ve been trying to find.  I heard it at Ultra before I knew I heard it!  Sanjin delivers dancehall vibes on the build-up and then the track explodes into big-kick madness with some serious midfucks thrown in.  You know those tracks that give you chills when they drop?  It’s one of those.

Big energy?  Mindfucks?  Yes the video has all this too.  Directed by [emuze]Shomi Patwary[/emuze] and our KarmaloopTV team, the video follows Jillionaire and posse through a cold New York, with Mela Murder and her underdressed dance squad twerking in the SNOW.  It’s brave.  Impressive.  Crazy.  And makes us horny.  All of the clothing is styled and provided by Karmaloop.com, including Zanerobe joggers, LRG camo, and rad gear for the ladies like Jeffrey Campbell high heel Timberland-style boots. It’s all available here so if you see something you like in the vid, it’s yours… definitely “Fresh!”


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