Jimmy Fallon’s New Breaking Bad Parody Officially Makes Him The Funniest Man On Television

When Fallon first got his own show a few years ago, we were a bit wary. Sure, he had some fantastic moments on SNL, but we weren’t sure if this would translate to late night TV. How was he going to compete with Conan and Craig Ferguson? Well, he’s proven himself yet again, with this hilarious new parody video.

It’s a tricky game, making a parody of the greatest show on TV. We consider ourselves Breaking Bad experts (who doesn’t?)–but even we were impressed by Jimmy’s acting chops. He’s got Walt’s mannerisms down pat. And his co-stars also KILL it (Jesse was our favorite…BITCH).

“With my jokes and your connections, there’s no end to what we can do.” …Indeed, Jimmy. Indeed.

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